Image sort with different languages

I have a question regarding the sorting in an image gallery in a multilanguage website (DE + EN).
It looks like there was a similar discussion way back with Kirby 2: Manual gallery sorting on multi language site?

The blueprint:

  type: files
  layout: cards
  template: image
  info: “{{ file.dimensions }}”
    ratio: 5/4
    cover: true
  min: 1
  size: small

The user should be able to sort the images manually, but the sorting should synchronise between the languages. It is synchronised as long as no image is edited in the second language (caption, for example). As soon as it’s edited, the sorting differentiates between the languages.

Thank you!

You could sync the sort values via a file.update:after hook. At the same time, it would make sense to hide the sort handles in the non-default languages to prevent sorting in those languages.