Image Magick temp files

Hi all!

I’ve run into this issue recently with my hosting provider and what I assume is an issue with the Image Magick library. They say that the site has been creating files outside of its webspace and to set the temporary file path which I haven’t encountered within Kirby before. I assume its ImageMagick related due to ‘/magick…’ that they refer to but have very little idea of how to combat this. Any help would be much appreciated! Image below


Do you have access to a php.ini file where you could set the temp folder?

Other than that, you could try to set the temp folder in the config or a site.php in the root directory (no tested if this works).

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Unfortunately I don’t have access to a php.ini file! I’ll try resetting in the site or config in that case and see if it works! Many thanks :+1:

You can check if it worked using

Bit weird they don’t create tmp folders per user.

I checked the PHP manual, and both upload_tmp_dir and sys_tmp_dir can only be modified in the php.ini file or in the httpd.conf file, not via ini_set().

So unless you can put a local php.ini file into your project folder and the system picks it up, I think your hosting provider should take care of this or tell you how to achieve this.

Turns out there is already a temp folder… and that its set up correctly. I was testing it using sys_tmp_dir and that showed it up immediately which I guess would make it either an issue in how kirby is set up to use Image Magick as a driver, or more likely a server issue on their part which seems strange…

Many thanks for your time and help! I’ll chase them on why it might be behaving that way