Image linked in text shows not the path I want

I write my blog in a text file, not using the panel. Now I have a situation, where I want to link a few images in an article in my text as examples.

Like here:

… that come in a plastic cover or wrapper to wear around your neck.


… that come in a (link: badge-wrappers.jpg text: plastic cover or wrapper) to wear around your neck.

But instead of showing the bath within the blog post folder, I get this:

I was expecting that the folder of my blog post is also included. Why is this not the case?

Thanks for help!


If you want to link to a file, the file tag would be the one to use

(file: badge-wrappers.jpg text: plastic cover or wrapper) 

With the link tag, you have to provide the complete path.

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Thanks a lot once more :wink:

Interesting (inconsistent?) is on the other hand, that “link:” works with images though and I don’t need to use “file:”.


(image: fitc-amsterdam-2009-map.jpg alt: Photo showing a few examples of badges and how different they set the name of the attendee link: fitc-amsterdam-2009-map.jpg class: blog-img-list)

Yes, maybe inconsistent.It’s because. of this bit of logic in the image. tag:

      // build the href for the link
      if($link == 'self') {
        $href = $url;
      } else if($file and $link == $file->filename()) {
        $href = $file->url();
      } else if($tag->file($link)) {
        $href = $tag->file($link)->url();
      } else {
        $href = $link;

It compares the link attribute and the tag attribute and if they are the same, it takes the file URL. In the link tag, you’d have to check if the attribute value exists as image in the path and if yes, get the image and its file URL. Would be possible, yes.