Image kirby tag converts url

Im using the image kirby tag to link the image to an external page. The link i’m using is an affiliate link with unsafe characters. Kirby is converting these to safe characters on the fly. This is the right thing to do, however the affiliate is saying the link needs to be exactly as they supplied it, without being converted.

Can i stop it doing this?

I guess you can, I don’t have time to look at the source code now, but if you don’t use the Html::a class to create the link, it should work.

Whats weird about his one is if you use the link option on the image tag, it cleans up the url and encodes unsafe characters.

If you add the same link using the link kirby tag, it does not clean up the unsafe characters by encoding them.

@texnixe Do you know whats going on here?

No, I would have to study the source code first to see what’s going on, as my alter ego already wrote above.

Ok, they both use the Html::a() method to create the link tag.

This is no longer an issue (for me). I got the company that supplied the link to update their system so it didnt use unsafe charchters anymore.

However, the issue of one tag encoding and the other not still persists for me. I’ll see if i can get to the bottom of it when i get a minute incase it helps someone else out.