Image field with preview

It would be great to be able to see a small preview of images in the image picker field, that also reveals (visually) the aspect ratio of an image.
Maybe that could also be done through the file list on the left.

I’m trying to make the move for my photo blog from wordpress to kirby and this would help a lot for putting together posts. (Planning to use the builder plugin).

You could make your custom image field and just change the cropping to resizing (and probably modify some styling).

After a lot of experimentation with the builder plugin and selector plugin etc. we now add any custom fields into the actual file options in our blueprint.

By default we can make the files sortable and if we need to feature/hide anything or use a different crop we add in a checkbox etc. This also maintains your urls an issue I have noticed with using builder.

For a photo blog all that is required from the client is the initial drag and drop. When I had initially moved from Wordpress to Kirby I kept trying to make my set-up feel like my ACF set-up but I realise it wasn’t needed.

I hope this makes sense.

I wanted to use uncropped images in my quickselect field for some time now and finally pushed the “uncropped” branch:

I’m still unsure if I want to have this functionality all the time so I’ll probably end up adding an option variable to the config.php or so.

The selecter then looks like this and displays the images in their original ratio: