Image cropping & quality issues

Hi all - I’m trying to crop a file for a page header background image, but am confused regarding kirby’s crop and quality filters.

<?= $page->coverImage()->toFile()->crop(1450,500,70)->url()?>

In the above it’s my understanding that the resulting image shouldn’t exceed 1450 width or 500 height and the jpeg compression quality should be 70%.

When I do this however there’s no change to the image - its still the oringiial dimensions and file size, yet it is still being processed and saved with a ‘1450x500-crop-q70’ suffix in the filename.

Does anyone know what’s happening here, or if my expected behaviour is off?


It sounds like something is up with your image driver. Are you using GD or IM? Usually the image just passes through if something is up with those. It will end up with the modded file name, but as you are getting, the image will be the original.

You can switch driver like this thumbs | Kirby CMS

And what are the original file dimensions?

Thanks both.

@jimbobrjames I’ve added the following to config but no change:


return [
  'thumbs' => [
    'driver' => 'im'

@texnixe the file is 1500px x 813px

Am running locally with MAMP for mac using php v8.0

Simply setting the im driver won’t do anything if ImageMagick is not available on the server.

I would first check with phpinfo() if the GD library is available and enabled.

In case of im, if ImageMagick is available, you might have to also set the path to the convert binary.

You can check if ImageMagic is available locally with convert -h on the command line.