Iframe is emtpy

Hi and good morning,

i really don´t know how to do, can you help me: i am only trying to embed an iframe into my kirbypage.
for example:

(iframe: https://getkirby.com/)

But now, not the kirby-website is shown, only the string “(iframe: https://getkirby.com/)”.

I want to use this iframe for frame.io presentations. Is there a way to embed a site with this iframe like i want to - and how? Or is it much more complicated?

Thank you so much fro your help,


Is that a custom Kirbytag you created or one from a plugin? Kirby doesn’t come with an iframe Kirbytag.

And if you have created such a tag, are you calling the kirbyText() method on your field, e.g.

echo $page->text()->kirbytext();

you can find the docs how to create custom kirbytags here: KirbyTags | Kirby CMS