I can't add a date field to use in the panel

I am unable to see the date field I have added to my news article blueprint. This seems pretty straight forward, but, as I am new to Kriby, I may be missing something very obvious. The date field if the only missing item. Here is the text of the .yml:

title: News

pages: false

    label: Title
    type:  title
     label: Date
     type: date
     width: 1/2
     default: today
    label: Item Image
    type: image
    label: Intro
    type:  textarea
    label: Text
    type: textarea

Your indentation is not correct, make sure that the indentation for date is the same as for the other fields. Use an editor that shows whitespace.

Note how the date field and options are not exactly aligned with the other fields.

Wow… OK, I see it now and have removed the extra space in the field parameters…Sorry for the incredibly newbie ridiculous question… Thanks for the quick easy answer!

You are welcome, this can easily happen.