.htaccess RewriteBase not working


Yes, I just read that you have to turn it on, so let’s assume that is works now. Now with this setting turned on and a subdomain pointing to the kirby project, try and set the RewriteBase again to just /.

Bitte bedenken Sie, dass es etwa 10 Minuten dauert, bis die Einstellung übernommen wird. Weiterhin wird mod_rewrite immer nur auf die zum Zeitpunkt der Aktivierung vorhandenen Domains, Subdomains und Ordner angewendet.

It kind of works! Yes, I was probably not waiting for 10 minutes. But now, some images are being loaded and some not. I can see, that kirby produces some folders with an image and some without one inside the media folder. I also tried to delete the media folder.
I have sliders on my homepage and it kind of loads the first 2 to 3 images of any slider. The console then tells that it cannot find then next image…

Are you using large images? Check your php error logs if you are running into timeouts. phpinfo() should tell you where to find those logs.

Hi all,

I seem to be having the same issues. Here’s my setup:
Kirby 4 works well on local machine
hosted with a PHP Version 8.3.6 server.
In phpinfo I see mod_rewrite in Loaded Modules
When I use the existing htaccess file I get 403 errors.
When I delete it or turn RewriteEngine off then the home page loads but it cannot see the images
On my server the website is in public_html so I have tried:
No RewriteBase
RewriteBase /
RewriteBase /public_html
RewriteBase /public_html/

and none of them seem to make a difference. Any ideas?

Thank you!