Href in results can't figure out how to not echo the href

This code will echo a title then in <?php echo excerpt($result->text(), 300) ?> […] it will also echo an href. I just want plain text not the href. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

<h1><a href="<?php e($result->ext_url()->isNotEmpty(), $result->ext_url(), $result->url()) ?>" <?php e($result->ext_url()->isNotEmpty(), 'target="_blank"', '') ?>">

							$breadcrumb = '';
							foreach($result->parents()->flip() as $parent) {
								echo  $parent->title()->html(). ' » ';


						if ($result->ext_url()->isNotEmpty())
							echo html($result->title().' '.'<img alt="link" src="/kirby/assets/images/upload.png" class="link_image">');
							echo html($result->title());


							<?php echo excerpt($result->text(), 300) ?> [...]

Solved it. I will post my changes tomorrow morning.