Can't link to the full article

Hi everyone,

can someone please help me. its a little thing what i can’t find.

i can not link to the full article whit <a href="<?php $article->url() ?>">Read more…</a>
only if i remove my section div i can click on it

<section class="contents blogs col-md-9">
  <h1><?php echo $page->title()->html() ?></h1>
  <?php echo $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>

  <?php foreach($page->children()->visible()->flip() as $article): ?>

    <h1><?php echo $article->title()->html() ?></h1>
    <p><?php echo $article->text()->excerpt(300) ?></p>
   <a href="<?php $article->url() ?>">Read more…</a>

  <?php endforeach ?>


echo is missing in your php:

<a href="<?php echo $article->url() ?>">Read more…</a>

Thx its better i take a break after missing that one :flushed:

you can also use the echo shorthand:

<?= $article->url() ?>

That will not work if shorthand is not enabled on your server.