Formatting and layout different in 'page' blog to 'article' blog pages

The URL links - not showing and the layout are not the same - which is what I want - in the $article section of the blog post as to the $page section of the blog.

So, I am using <?= $article->text()->excerpt(275)->kirbytext() ?> on the article intro and <?= $page->text()->kirbytext() ?> on the blog post itself.

How do I fix this so that I get the links and formatting working and looking the same in both the intro blog post and the blog post itself?

Could you provide more context, please? Since we don’t know your setup (blueprints, templates, styles etc.), it’s impossible to help you…

On the ‘blog page,’ you get the first 275 characters in a paragraph without any links (if any) showing and on the ‘blog article’ page the links are showing.

Blog code:

<?php snippet("meta"); ?>
<?php snippet("header"); ?>

<div class="main-text">
  <div class="header-main">
   <h1 class="blog-head"><a name="top"></a>This &amp; That</h1>
    <div class="red-title">BLOG</div>

    <div class="blog-text">
   <?php foreach($articles as $article): ?>
        <h1 class="title-heading"><?= $article->title()->link() ?></h1>
     <div class="blog-time">
       <time class="blog-date"><?= $article
         ->toDate("d F Y") ?></time>
      <?= $article->text()->excerpt(275)->kirbytext() ?>
<hr class="solid">  
<?php endforeach; ?> 

Blog article code:

<?php snippet("meta"); ?>
<?php snippet("header"); ?>

  <div class="main-text-blog">
   <main class="blog-text-article">
     <h1 class="title-heading"><?= $page->title()->html() ?></h1> 
        <div class="blog-time"> 
        <time class="blog-date"><?= $page->date()->toDate("d F Y") ?></time>
          <div class="blog-text">
    <h2 class="blog-subheading"><?= $page->headline()->html() ?></h2> 
     <?= $page->text()->kirbytext() ?>
  <div class="tag">
   <ul class="tags">
     <?php foreach ($page->tags()->split(',') as $tag): ?>
        <li class="tag-item">
         <a href="<?= $page->parent()->url([
           "params" => [
           "tag" => $tag,
         ]) ?>"><?= html($tag) ?></a>
   <?php endforeach; ?>

If you want to preserve HTML tags, you have to use false as second argument:

echo $page->text()->excerpt(300, false)->kt();

Don’t know if that makes sense if links etc. are cut off in the middle.

Thanks. That is what I was looking for.