How to use React for the frontend?

i’m just a designer with some experience with coding. React is something i know from plugin development for figma. So when it comes to my own portfolio i want to use react and tailwind. But i need some CMS Capabilities and i thought kirby would be i good solution for this.

Is there any Starter/Tutorial/Help out there to get a basic understand how to use react and tailwind for the frontend of a kirby site?

There is no need for any Static Site Generator or stuff like that. I want to host the whole site on a basic shared hosting service, nothing fancy :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to our forum.

Of course, you can use Kirby in headless mode and create a React-Frontend: Beyond Kirby | Kirby CMS. However, I’m not aware of a React-based Kirby Starterkit (while there are some that use Next.js, Vue etc).

However, I wonder what is your motivation behind using a React Frontend besides the fact that you know some React?

Mainly, because i’m familiar with it. but i also like the component-based approach :slight_smile:

So if i don’t want to use any static site generator and such, the easiest way to use react in the frontend should be content representations? (Content Representations | Kirby CMS) or which way would you recommend?

tahnks for the infos :slight_smile: