How to use min/max for date fields?


I try to set a min or max date for my blueprint date fields. To achieve this, I have defined this field:

    type: date
    required: true
    label: Published On
    min: 01.01.2019

The min (same with max) property is being ignored. I tried these formats (without the comma):


None of these values are respected if I choose some date in year 2018 and save the page. The invalid value is still valid and the javascript calendar to pick the date from provides invalid ranges. What am I missing here?

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Hm, looks like a bug. While the dropdown doesn’t allow choosing anything below that date, the date picker does in fact allow you to choose any date.

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I checked the dropdown and it’s somehow wrong too: If you choose a date from 2018 and save it, then you can still select invalid dates from the dropdown. Only if you choose 2019, save and then open the dropdown again, only valid values are shown. Both is quite unlucky while the date picker is a bug and the partly wrong date dropdown is maybe bad usability.

What surprises me is that the value is indeed invalid (and the dropdown detects this) but you can still store invalid values - so there’s only a frontend and no backend validation.

I created an issue on GitHub:

Feel free to add your comments if something is missing.

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The issue is now closed on the dev branch and should then work as expected in the next release.

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