How to specify language in single language mode?

When in single language mode, Kirby seems to assume that my language always is ‘en’. A lot of plugins, which come with translations, deliver the wrong language. They show me english en- translations, while in reality i run - for example - a de-german website. I didn’t find out yet, how to say kirby to use the de-translations in that plugin.

Info: This is not a question how to set the locale in the config. The locale is just fine, i don’t want to change that. I only want to know, how to tell Kirby it’s a de-site, so it gives me the de-translations. No i don’t want to activate languages because i don’t need additional languages and i don’t want all my content files to be renamed. The site is single language.

Thanks for help.

Are we talking Panel or frontend? In the Panel, it depends on the selected user language.

Can you name an example plugin?

Example: i’d like to use a plugin for cookie disclaimer:

It comes with de and en translation. I only run a de site (single language). But the en-translation is shown. That is the same with every other plugin.
I’d like to let my kirby installation know that it is single language, but not en - it’s de and should use de from such translation situations.

Currently, your only option is to set the I18n locale in a controller, template or, to enable it on all pages, in the page header.

Kirby\Toolkit\I18n::$locale = 'de';

See also:

No idea if this has been transferred to the feedback tool yet.

That works as expected, and is not bad as a solution.
A config parameter would be very nice, but this solution is good, too.