How to setup Domain with Kirby

Hey guys!

I´m totally new to Kirby and webhosting in general but created a Kirby project that I want to host via hosteurope.

The project is up and seemingly running:

Now I want to point my domain to exactly this site, which is supposed to be the homepage. In the hosteurope panel I entered the following as path for the domain: /www/sofe-project_v2/
But that´s not working. It just gives me a blank page (with no errors).

I spent the last couple of hours doing research on the internet but found nothing.

Thanks in advance!


Wouldn’t that path be here Just append the “startseite” and it should work.

The docs say you have to set the domain to the folder that contains. the project:

What I find a bit irritating is that your start page is does have the “extension” startseite… So where exactly does the project live?

Thanks for your help.

Seems like the problem was not having a home file. After renaming the actual file from startseite to home it worked perfectly fine.

Thanks again and sorry for that noob question.

@s3018733 You can rename the home folder, but if you do so, you have to tell Kirby in your config.php file: