How can i change my domain?


I am quite a noob on this stuff and really need your help because i don’t understand how to do it and i believe this is probably quite simple.

I already install the Starterkit pack and the Panel as well on my local server, using MAMP app like Kirby suggest.
I bought my license for Kirby as well to put my website online. I have inserted the key in “config.php”. But i can’t find what to do now. I also have my domain ready to use, but i can’t find where insert my domain URL and transfer the stuff from my laptop to

I really appreciate if you can help me.

You don’t have to insert your domain url anywhere in Kirby. What is left to do is transfer all the files and folders in your Kirby project into the web root or a subfolder of your webspace via FTP or SSH using a client like FileZilla(free) or Transmit(paid). If you install Kirby in a subfolder of the webroot, you would have to point your domain to that subfolder.