How to set favicon in kirby starterkit?


where do I have to place the favicon file using the Kirby starterkit?

My site uses:

Toolkit version: 2.4.1
Kirby version: 2.4.1
Panel version: 2.4.1

You usually place a favicon in the site root (whether you use Kirby or whatever else, that makes no difference), then an .ico file should be automatically picked up.

If you want to use favicon for different devices, you might want to check out It lets you generate icons for different devices and gives you the code to include in the head of your site (in a Starterkit, the head is in the header snippet).

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Edit: Sorry, thought the problem was solved but: Just when I open it is displayed but not under

I usually takes a while until the favicon is picked up…

Have you included it in the head?

What do you mean with “head”? If this is something related to the panel: I don’t use it and push my conent via scp.

What format are you using for your favicon, an .icofile? These are usually picked up automatically by browsers, but it takes a while, so just wait.

You can also include it in the headelement (<head></head>) with this code:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">

It has nothing to do with the Panel, that’s standard HTML knowledge, nothing Kirby special.

Yes, an ico file and you were right: Now the icon appears as expected after waiting a day.

Thank you. Will remember this for the case of further problems.