How can I specify the "panel.favicon" in K3?

Running Kirby 2.x I could set the path to a custom Panel favicon as an option.

Please show me how to set this under Kirby 3.x.

This is very usefull, when the title of a page is to long for the size of the browser tab of the panel page. Then a special panel icon (the website icon changed in color) can inform the user about the displayed context.

Excuse me:
Is there no one from your Kirby core team who can give me an answer?

I once investigated this myself, and if Iā€™m not completely misreading


my understanding is that K3 does not have such option (the favicon URL appears to be hardcoded into the Panel template).

What you could do (apart from possibly adding this enhancement idea on the new wishlist tracker) is to add a custom Panel JS script and change the favicon by manipulating the DOM? (This would actually enable some cool tricks ā€“ for example turning the favicon orange when there are unsaved changes, etc.)


So again, the functionality of Kirby 3 is reduced compared to Kirby 2, although the old function was very useful!
A pity!

How dare they prioritize other things when your favorite feature is missing, right? :man_facepalming:

Just add the feature request to

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If Kirby 3 has less functionality than Kirby 2, then I suggest you stick with Kirby 2 and be happy. Or use another CMS altogether. Iā€™m pretty sure Bastian will refund the licence price if you are so unhappy with it that you have to complain in bold letters because of a minor feature.