How to render php code from panel field to template

i have added below in my panel inside textarea field.

<td><a href="<?= $row->mfSchemeMiniDTO->sdWebUrl; ?>"><?= $row->mfSchemeMiniDTO->name; ?></a></td>
<td><?= (($row->mfSchemeCalculatorReturnDTO->lumpsumReturns->{1095} -1000)/1000)*100;?></td>
<td><?= (($row->mfSchemeCalculatorReturnDTO->lumpsumReturns->{1825} -1000)/1000)*100;?></td>
<td><a class="table-invest-btn" href="/mutual-funds/investment-details/<?=$row->mfSchemeMiniDTO->sId?>">Invest</a></td>

but template printing the variable name as it is in template and i have passed data also for the variables

Php code does not belong in a Panel field. Why are you doing this?

I see it the same way! But still I have to ask if there is a way that works, purely out of interest. Was there not once eval() == evil()?