How to make custom modules create a modules folder automatically/ child page when template is set with modules

We are using modules. The issue is we wan to make it easier for people who don’t know to add the modules folder.

So basically if they select a certain template that uses modules. It would automatically recreate the modules folder if it doesn’t exists. Has anybody ever done this before?

I’ve included some before and after. Right now you have to create the modules child page. Give it the name modules, etc. Seems simple enough but we want to make it even more simple. If you select the template that uses modules, it automatically creates the modules folder if the modules folder doesn’t exist. The no modules yet shows up when the child page modules is created. But before that this functionality doesn’t exist.

Any help on extending this would be amazing.

How about using the subpage builder:

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Worked. Thanks :slight_smile: Just added it, a walla.