How to hide site title?

Hi guys,
today I I bought the kirby CMS and I’m so happy with it, I connected it with the bootstrap framework and I like it so far very much, but I got a single problem and I’m kinda ashamed, because I believe it is a simple problem.
On every single site, there is the title written again in h1. I don’t want that to be visible, how do I remove it? It comes from a template and can’t find anything.

In the starter kit, each page template (/site/templates) has a piece of code like this

<header class="wrap">
      <h1><?= $page->title()->html() ?></h1>
      <div class="intro text">
        <?= $page->year() ?>
      <hr />

wie a h1 element. Looks like you have removed the intro text but the horizontal line and. the heading are still there. So you would want to remove that line or maybe even the whole header tag.

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Oh yeah, I found it. I literally searched for hours… Thanks very much, I knew it’s a simple thing but couldn’t find out.

Maybe use an editor that can do a project wide search like Atom or similar.? Safes a lot of time when looking for a piece of code…

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I in fact do use Atom. I’m kinda a beginner in everything.