Panel: hide '→ url/url' under title

When I add a help text to the title in the panel, it is placed in between the title input field and the ‘→ url’ text. The ‘→ url’ text makes the explanation rather confusing…

Is there a way to hide the ‘→ url’ text under the Title field in the panel? (The functionality to change the url would still be there by the ‘Change URL’ link on the left of the panel)

Every field that is named title will use the title field automatically.
So what you could do is to overwrite the title field with your own one:



class TitleField extends TextField {

  public function __construct() {

    $this->label    = l::get('fields.title.label', 'Title');
    $this->icon     = 'font';
    $this->required = true;



When I add this I get the following error: The field class is missing for: titlefield

(I am running the kirby beta)

Ahh I needed to add ‘<?php’ at the top of the file – sorry!

Ah, sure. Sorry about that, I have corrected it above.

On a side note:

When I change ‘Title’ to something else in $this->label = l::get('fields.title.label', 'Title');, it doesn’t actually change the label. Is that code actually being used anywhere?

My bad – I had it defined in my blueprint.