How to go about adding Book/Chapter content including comments and backend editor variables?

I really don’t know how would be the best way to go about this.
What I would like to do is post a copy of the KJV Bible on the Kirby Website.
Preferably one book of the Bible per page. I just have no idea how to go about doing this. Like what would be the best way to store and display the data? If someone has a suggestion and show a small example of how to do it it would be helpful. Any hints at all would be helpful really though because the only thought I have for now is to have a variable for every single verse and commentary which doesn’t really seem all that practical.

How much content is in one book of the bible? What is the structure of the content? What are comments and where are they supposed to be placed?

Well structure wise it would be like…

Book 1
Chapter 1
Verse 1 some sentences here
Verse 2 some sentences here
… can go on until the chapter ends but always numbered verses of sentences.

Chapter 2
…repeat Verses numbered like chapter 1

Various Number of chapters per book.

Different books having different number of chapters and verses.
I don’t know how to use JSON but I know people that use it.
would be an example of it in JSON format. I’m open to learning how to do any of this but I’m new to how to store data in this amount. What I’m looking to do though is displaying…

Verse 1 sentences
Verse 1 commentary if it is there

…and so on.

I’m just asking for suggestions because I just don’t know how to do this.

This data does not need to be edited, right, because it is unchangeable text, anyway? So you could just place the json file somewhere or get the content via an API and consume it on the frontend without having to think about how to structure it for the Panel?

So I’d look into Virtual pages from this json content or an API:

If necessary, you can combine the “virtual content” with real page content.