How to give flexibility to gallery produced by type:files field

Hello all,

I currently have a type:files field that outputs a simple 2 column grid of images. I would like to give content editors the option of making any of the images full width so that on the front end the new output could have any composition, eg. something like 1 row of 2 images, 1 row of 1 image (full-width), and then 1 row of 2 images all from the same files field in the panel.

One simple way I thought of implementing it would be to add a field in the individual file.yml where a class could be added by the content editor.

Would there be a cleaner or more UI friendly approach? My brain is a bit fried tbh.

Like this maybe?

With only a files field, it’s not really possible to get a more visual approach.

Apart from the editor plugin that @jimbobrjames mentioned, maybe the builder field would be an option. It will be a core feature soon and is already available on the features branch.

Maybe you could setup a file blueprint and use a toggle?

Thank you @jimbobrjames, @texnixe & @cadars for your replies… all possible solutions that will make my and the content editors lives easier. Much appreciated.