How to get "zero" sorting in panel?

On the webpage is a collection of subpages.
How can I achieve a correct sorting of the subpages by the field Title of the subpages in the panel?

In the blueprint I want to have

  num: zero
  field: title

Thanks for your help.

I think that it´s only possible to sort by the UID (folder name) and not by the title field. (Without hacking the panel code).
The way I understood your question is, that it is not ok to sort by UID, it must be the title. Perhaps you can add a new issue to the github repository for a feature request.

This is the issue queue on

This must be the first place (best: the ONLY place) for issues, if kirby wants to become greater…
Look at
Here is the right place for this growing community

I disagree. This forum is the place for discussion and for us as a community interacting. And this certainly has an important impact on the development of Kirby, but Bastian (as the ingle developer of Kirby) should not and cannot possibly be up to date with all threads here. Cause otherwise there will be no time for any development of Kirby anymore.

And to be honest: a lot of questions and issues here (including some of myself) aren’t always real issues, but more us troubling to get something to work because we are doing something wrong.

So I think the github repo and its issue should be the place to mention real bugs, issues or improvements for Bastian, while here it’s much more discussions between us users and helping each other (plus then again Bastian is still around here a lot and helping people, but I find it strange to expect that from him).

The forum should be here for us as a community to grow and develop. For plugin and theme developers… to raise ideas for new features and discuss them, improve them before just throwing every bit, we might think would be a great feature for a moment, at Bastian – cause often the first thoughts aren’t the best for a CMS as simple and minimal oriented as Kirby.

Just my opinion – I think there is a lot more going on in this forum as it could be function as the issue queue.


…, if you want to understand me.

You opinion leeds to two different communities, one of the developers and one for the other people.
That never will grow to ONE community as it is at!

I am concerned that this is not be the best way, but it is not my decision…

Bastian, good luck!

Thanks @distantnative for your support here.

This forum is indeed intended as a place to discuss issues together and if you find out something is really broken, please head over to Github and post an issue there. I consider Github issues my development todo list. It’s much more like a bug tracker than a discussion platform. Of course dicussions go on there as well around bugs and suggestions, but it’s still much easier to keep track of things there.

I can cross off issues in Github by simply appending “fix #123” (where 123 is the issue id) to my commit messages and the submitter will automatically be notified. This is just one of many magic little things Github makes possible and which make my life easier. The option for any user to send pull requests, which is often used, is another great thing that makes Github invaluable for me during the development process.

I think it’s also better to keep the core development of Kirby separated from implementation issues.

Please also don’t compare Kirby to Drupal or Wordpress. Kirby has reached about 5000 official installs lately. That’s quite a lot and I’m super happy about that, but that also means that there’s no potential community of hundreds of thousands of developers around it (which I think is a good thing) and there’s also not a huge developer group contributing to the core - it’s just me and lately @distantnative has started to help me out to speed things up.

To give you a bit more insights: I spend around 3 hours per day on support. That includes email support, support on Twitter, reading and working on issues on Github and trying to stay up to date here. The new forum software already reduced that from often up to 4 or even 5 hours and still it takes quite a lot of time away from actually working on the core.

So any help keeping stuff separated and helping me keeping the issue list tidy is very much appreciated!


I completely agree with both @bastianallgeier and @distantnative. I don’t really see why you want to compare Kirby to Drupal or whatever, these are Open Source projects with hundreds of developers. And while it’s great that Kirby has an open code base and developers have the chance to contribute their ideas for new features, it’s up to @bastianallgeier to decide what he wants to integrate into his baby. Not all and every desired feature needs to be integrated, if he would do so, he’d probably soon end up with something as big and complicated as WP or Drupal (name any).

You can post your potential issue here and if it turns out others have the same problem and it might indeed be a bug, it shouldn’t be a problem to head over to github and file an issue.


Fully agree with the replies above.
Besides, I’ve been involved with the Drupal community for like 10 years and totally disagree with HeinerEF. has never been the one and only place, even in the early days. The community is scattered among dozens if not hundreds of specialized channels: Drupal Groups, IRC channels, issue queues, external non-official sites… The list on is just the tip of the iceberg.

I believe the Drupal community really grew when events and conferences started to be organized. Meeting people creates strong bonds.

Kirby meetups?

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This is the point I referred to as I mentioned to open an issue in github for this feature request. But, as @bastianallgeier mentioned, it´s the only easy and transparent way to link new commits (features) to existing bugs.

Returning to your original question: It´s not enough to sort by the UID? Because the UID is nearly the same as the title in most cases.
The workaround would be, that you must change your UID (change URL), that it corresponds to your current title.

Yes and no.

My client did not change the UID and then the sorting in the panel is wrong. That’s why I build this issue to avoid this.

Ok. As i think about it again, it also makes sense to sort by title, because the title is also displayed in the panels subpages list.
But this would need some extra logic to be implemented in the panel, because in the current version it is simply sorted as it is in the file system.
If you need this feature by now, the only way is to fork the panel and add some lines of code. It should be in the subpages controller in panel/app/controllers/view. There is a visible pages collection created where you can add a sortBy. I think you know how to do this, because you did this for your front end as well.

Thanks for your tipp!

Yes, I sort it for the webside, this issue is only for the panel.

@bastianallgeier and @distantnative:
This issue has been corrected in the current beta (

Thank you very much.

This issue can be closed, when v 2.1 is live.

I don’t think this is an actual issue, but rather a question if such a feature should be implemented. If I’m not mistaken, such behavior is not be possible at the moment by design.