How to deal with slow internet connections for video?

Hello, which technical possibilities are there to provide a video for different internet speeds? I would like to show a high-quality intro video, but it has on the to start immediately and ideally use a compression depending on the internet speed (in order to use full quality, if there is a highspeed connection).
Something technically known from videos on Youtube for example which automatically choose the streamed quality.
Thanks for help

You might wanna look into “DASH” or "Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.

You could use video.js with a plugin. It’s not the only library though.

You’ll have to provide it an MPD file, which is a manifest file that contains all information about the differently encoded video versions. There are programs that create this, one is MP4Box. You should also be able to generate one with ffmpeg.

The most straight forward guide is probably on MDN


Thanks, that’s helpful to know. As I understand you

  • on “MDN” is only a guide, but nothing to download or use
  • “video.js” is a video player script that could be used to combine with a plugin
  • MPD file is a list of the video versions, and the “MP4Box” can collect the file information.

Is that a complicated process to set up? Is that something, that has to be repeated with every single video, or is it “easy to use” once it has been implemented into a website?

You understood everything correctly.
It’s not really a straight forward process, even for developers, as it’s not something most people do. The encoding and MPD part would have to be done for every video.

There are (paid) online services that do all of this automatically (think YouTube, but for developers). I personally don’t have any experience with them, though, so I wouldn’t know which I’d recommend you.
Services like:

And I’m sure there are many more

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