How to allow client edit all users, but not admin

I want to have this kind or users and permissions:

Client - person, who orders website, usually the only one, should have access to everyting, but not being able to change anything about Admin accounts
Editor - Client creates Editor account for someone from his company, and should be able to change everything about Editor accounts.

The problem is I have only one choice - if I allow Client to change name or email, then he can do that to any Role, so didn’t find if it’s possible to have more granular control. I saw topic about Kirby 2, but it was described as bug, and also don’t know, if that information fits Kirby 3.

Actually would be nice to just hide Admin users from the list for anyone other, than Admin.

In Kirby, the “kinds” of users you are talking about - i.e., ‘admin’, ‘client’, ‘editor’ - are called roles. By default, Kirby has only 1 role - ‘admin’ - but you can define as many custom roles as you want.

To learn how to define custom roles, have a look at the Roles Page in the User Guide. To see how you can setup specific permissions for each new role - e.g., to allow ‘clients’ to change only their own name and email, but nobody else’s - have a look at the Permissions Page in the docs.

If you get stuck or don’t quite understand how to setup a specific role/permission scenario, let us know - we’ll try to help!

This could be done with a custom users view:

Currently, you cannot set permissions for a users based on other users roles. There is a feature request for more granular rules.