How to access current $page->title() in custom block?

I´m trying to create a pagetitle-block, which »only« outputs the pagetitle of the current page.

I´ve tried to get the current page object directly in vue:

Or passing the current page with a custom route:

'routes' => function($kirby) {
  return   [
     'pattern' => 'myplugin/pagetitle',
     'action'  => function () use ($kirby) {
        return $kirby->site()->page()->title();

Without success.

What would be the correct way to do it?


I think something like this in Vue:

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Wow, thank you jimbobrjames!

This works.

Is there some secret documentation about this.$black.magic() kirby-vue-api, or did you get that by absorbing the source?

Would love to understand it, but can´t find the entrance.

The kirby team gave me that line a couple of years ago. Im not sure if its in the docs. I believe @distantnative pointed me in the right direction at the time. He might be able to give some insight here.

Whoa… A place to find all these cryptic hidden commands would be reallllyyyyy helpful…