How extend page create dialog?


I would like to extend the default page create dialog for specific templates and do this:

  • Rename “Title” and “Template” label by other labels
  • Hide the slug field

I found this paragraph in the documentation as a starter point but I don’t know how to add custom dialog setup to achieve the custom changes above.

I suppose the plugin index.php file should start like this:

  'areas' => [
    'site' => function ($kirby) {
      return [
        'dialogs' => [
          'page.create' => [
            'load' => function (string $id) {
              // custom dialog setup
              // ???????

But I’m stuck for what to do next. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

If the plugin itself doesn’t support what you need, you can at least use it as a starting point for your solution: