How does updating a field with a k-writer component work?

I have this block with a k-writer component. I want the panel preview to be able to update the corresponding field. When using a field named “text“ it works, but I’m not sure how to update a different field.

My component adds paragraph tags inside the field for every input. This is my component. The second k-writer that is bound to textField works just fine.

I haven’t found any information about the update function. How does it work and what does it take as arguments?


      class="name k-block-type-text-input"
      @input="update({ name: $event })"

      class="text k-block-type-text-input"
      @input="update({ text: $event })"


export default {
	computed: {
		nameField() {
			return this.field("name", {});
    textField() {
      return this.field("text", {});

.k-block-type-text-input {
	font-size: var(--text-base);
	line-height: 1.5em;
	height: 100%;
.k-block-type-text .k-writer .ProseMirror {
	height: 100%;

.name {
  font-size: 120%;

.text {
  padding-left: 1rem;

Check out the blocks collection examples:

Okay so my problem was that in the blueprint the name field was given a type of text not writer!
When set to inline, it also works with the text field though.