How do I customize the date display for a multilingual website?

How do I customize the following code for the date display (in a blog) for a multilingual (de/en) website?

<?= $page->date()->toDate(new IntlDateFormatter("en_DE", IntlDateFormatter::FULL, IntlDateFormatter::NONE, 'Europe/Berlin')); ?>

"de_DE" would need to be replaced with the following code:

<?php e($kirby->languages()->isNotEmpty(), $kirby->language()->code()) ?>

And how do I integrate the timezone 'Europe/Berlin' in other languages?

I can’t insert additional PHP code into an existing PHP code:

<?= $page->date()->toDate(new IntlDateFormatter(" ' . e($kirby->languages()->isNotEmpty(), $kirby->language()->code()) . ' ", IntlDateFormatter::FULL, IntlDateFormatter::NONE, 'Europe/Berlin')); ?>

… that does not work:
Cannot access protected property Kirby\Cms\App::$languages

Store the lang code in a variable and pass that as parameter to the constructor (new IntlDateFormatter())