How can i display all actually used images in the panel, to discern from the only uploaded

Hello everybody, thanx for this great CMS!

I would like to list all images on the actual page that are used in blocks, to tell them apart from all the uploaded images. If you have a lot of images, it can get confusing.

If i use blueprint query, it shows all images, but i want a second list with just the actual used ones.
Is there a possibility to reach that goal elegantly?

Do i have to recurse through the block structure?
Can i search for files/images inside a block?

Thank you

If you assign a different file template/blueprint to files uploaded through the blocks field, then you could show them in two different sections (but that list could then also include files that were at one point uploaded through a block and then removed (but not deleted).

With a standard files section, you cannot use a query, and I’m not even sure it would be a good idea performance wise to go through all blocks and try and extract used images.

Thank you so much for the swift answer texnixe <3
I will think about a different approach.

Just for the sake of completeness:
Could you imagine a way to mark used images in the panel,
like having a check sign or green border to tell the user which ones are obsolete and can be deleted?

Or a check that prevents the user from accidentially deleting an image that is in use somewhere on the page?

All the best