Hosting images on Amazon S3

Hey there,

I am thinking about building a website, and hosting the images on Amazon S3, as I might expect a high volume of visits.
I saw a website ( hosting their images on S3, but It’s probably not a folder-based CMS.

Is it a little bit dump to use a folder-based CMS and not putting the images in the folder? How do you think it should be done? Using a custom tag in my text file with all the links, and creating a template where I’ll show these links as images?

Thanks for the help working this out!

You could e.g. use the Kirby CDN plugin, which will reroute the URLs for you. You only need to make sure to sync your files from your site to S3. The images still need to be in the content folder so that Kirby can get meta information about the images.

Great, I’ll definitely have a look at this. Thanks for the tips!