Hide URL-appendix in 'Add a new page' dialog

Is it possible to hide the ‘URL-appendix’ field in the ‘Add a new page’ dialog?

I saw there is a ‘url’ option in the blueprint – but it only hides the ‘Change URL’ button under page settings…

The input element also doesn’t seem to have any class that I could safely target (I would rather avoid nth-child type scenarios)

My bad – I can hide it through css using the ‘.field-name-uid’ selector.

One question though out of interest: Why do you want to hide it? If you do that means that there’s absolutely no way anymore to control the URL. Hiding the “change URL” button makes sense for pages that contain data that is accessed from other templates, but not being able to set URLs for new pages isn’t really a use-case I’ve seen so far.

I am using kirby as a cms to manage information for a single page web application with a json backend… I have my own url system setup, so no need for my editors to create urls…

(Actually, if I could, I would skip the ‘add a new page’ dialog entirely and go to the editing environment directly… It always feels rather… unclear… for users somehow – because it doesn’t show the other input fields… I understand that it is there to allow choosing between templates, but then already having to enter a title feels weird…)

Oh, and any critique is given out of pure enthusiasm for Kirby. The best hackable, most lean, well thought out, feature complete and transparent of all CMSes : )

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Thanks for the nice words. :slight_smile: