Hide "Upload" option for files


I have created a blueprint and in the sidebar I’m allowing users to choose a file, from the “site” media library. Here is the code:

  # sidebar
    width: 1/3

      # a list of files
        type: fields
            parent: site
            type: files
            headline: Files
            min: 0
            max: 2

The button displayed on the panel allows the user to either “Select” or “Upload” a file.
The current behavior of the “Upload” button allows users to upload a new file, but this file doesn’t go to the “site” library, but under the page itself.

Is there a way to hide the “Upload” button to only allow “Select”?
Or is there a way to upload to the site library instead of at the page level?


I just found out:

To remove the upload option, you can simply add :

  uploads: false

Otherwise, you can allow users to upload a file, and the file can be upload to the place of your choice. You can do that by adding:

    parent: site

More information here:

It so great when you solve your issues yourself :slightly_smiling_face: