Help for a video to add

Hello I need to add a video in my Kirby’s page
Can you help me?

There are different ways to approach this depending on where you want to add the video (e.g. in a text field, via an separate field …). Please provide more detailed information about your use case.

here is where I need to add it
under the field video

are you still there? Thanks for helping me

I cannot access your panel… What is the video field?

can I send you a pdf file as attachment?

No, but you can tell us what sort of field that is and what sort of input it expects. And/or post a screenshot.

that is. I need to add a video with the following url

hi sorry for disturbing you but I was checking if you are still there and if you can help me with the info provided so far

this chat is so strange…

You can use the video helper: video() | Kirby CMS

Hi, thank you for you support but, as you understood from my request of help, I am not an expert with Kirby and I don’t know the HTML language, would you mind giving me a very basic help? Thanks for understanding

<?php echo video($page->videos()->value()) ?>

should do the job, provided you are in the template of the current page and the field name is videos.