Help deploy Kirby to Bluehost

Can someone please guide me in deploying my site with custom structure. I’m using the public folder for my site.

     - content
     - media
     - node_modules
     - src
     - site
     - public
     - vendor
     - storage

My index.php and compiled CSS/JS files are under the public folder.

On my Bluehost hosting, there’s a public_html folder. Should i dump all folders here or just the content of my kirby public folder? And dump all other folders on my hosting root folder?

You would have to point your domain to the public folder then. However, if the purpose of this setup is to move the non-public stuff out of the web root (= document root) and this is shared hosting, then you are out of luck. You can still keep the setup, provided that you can point the main domain to another folder then the document root, which is sometimes not possible.