Handling broken thumbs

I can’t get rid of the feeling that this is something Kirby should handle (somehow). Thumbnail generation is failing again and again which is a problem as I handed the website over to my client. I can’t keep coming back to the website, check every single image and trigger thumbnail regeneration for the coming years.

There is no real pattern as to which images fail. Yes, the image files are large. But they don’t always fail—only occasionally.

Are the thumbnails generated synchronously or asynchronously? I think the generation fails more often when many thumbnails are generated at once (i. e. when opening a page in the frontend after uploading a larger amount of images) so I assume synchronously, at least to a certain amount. If so, could there be a Kirby option to limit the number of processed images at once?

(Side note: I opened another topic about failing thumb generation four weeks ago and @texnixe pointed my here)

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