Greyscale thumbnails

I was struggling with creating greyscale thumbnails and was first blaming the provider, then my code, but tried it now in the starters-kit. It does not seem to work.
Am I missing something? Do I have to configure or enable it somewhere else then in the config.php?

Grayscale thumbnails are definitely possible.

I’m puzzelde.
If I change the size in the starterkit, the bane and size of the images change immediately with reload. If I ask for ->greyscale(), there won’t be any images.

I tried greyscale() and grayscale() since there is a inconsistency in the documentary.

Maybe there is something wrong with the code?

Something like this should work

  'width'     => 800,
  'height'    => 1000,
  'crop'      => true,
  'grayscale' => true

This is how it looks in the starterkit:

If you want to test it, this is how I modified the album.php snippet inside the starter kit.

And yes, works with both grayscale and greyscale

@manuelmoreale thanks a lot, this works indeed.
I’ll be able to take it from here.