Kirby CMS Thumbnail API reduces the saturation of images

In both Kirby CMS 3.5.6 and 3.6 I’ve tested the Thumbnail API to serve images with a srcset pre-defined in the config.php -> thumbs object. The original file through image.jpg delivers an asset similar with the original file with the correct balance of colors. While the ones generated through Thumbnails API image-400x.jpg have a reduced saturation than the original.

I’ve temporarily ignored this problem by increasing the saturation of all images via CSS filter: saturate(1.30); but I don’t like this solution as I would have some original files being delivered resized from the Thumbnails API, and others the original file.

I’ve tried:

  • Smaller Images
  • Different Format
  • Different Thumbs Driver (im, gd)
  • Interlace on and off

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, this is an amazing feature by Kirby CMS it works very smoothly and it’s amazingly intuitive, I would just like to see this fixed.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hm, 3.6.1.x should preserve color profiles as per this PR, at least for jpeg, if I understand it correctly:

(And I would expect the saturation issue to be due to missing color profiles). This requires the IM driver though.

That worked, wasn’t aware that might be the color profiles :man_facepalming:

Thank you so much (: