Global fields for sub pages?

Hi guys,

Is there any way you can include a global field in a subpage blueprint which allows the user to edit a particular field e.g. a text field that will update for all sub-pages, instead of having to manually add the same thing over and over again for each sub-page. I hope I’m making sense!

An example would be say every sub page has a meta title “Information” which acts as a header. I would like the user to be able to edit the meta title Information and no matter what sub page your in, it will affect and update all of them. Hopefully this explanation makes a bit more sense…

My workaround was to place this on the parent page blueprint, which allows you to edit it once in one place and all the subpages get updated. But I’d like a solution to be able to do it for each subpage, because its within context to the subpage not the parent page.

Thanks in advance!

You can use a hook that updates all siblings when one of the subpages is updated.