Inline edit subpage content

hi community!

I have the following structure:

  • page
    – title
    – desc
    – n subpages with only a desc

When I build thins in the panel, I get this (for the subpages):

Is it possible to direcly edit the content of the subpage within the parent page? So basically change desc of the subpage without leaving the page? I think of the mechanics the structure field uses where you can just inline edit.

If not, is there an alternative way? How does the structure field behave, if multiple users edit it at the same time?

Since a structure field is on a single page and this page gets locked when someone edits it, it is not possible that multiple users edit it at the same time.

No, that’s not possible. A form in the Panel always belongs to a page (user/site/file).

What is the purpose of the subpages? Why are they needed at all?

thanks for your response!

The use case is the following:

I have projects where you can add multiple ideas.
There for the admin creates a project, multiple users can add their ideas on the project add the same time, that’s why I thought the idea should be a subpage.
Because most users will add multiple ideas, the ux won’t really be good if you have to create a new idea page, add your text, save, go back to the parent project and add an idea again.

Is there a better structure I’m missing?

Maybe use this plugin with the idea description field already in the create page dialog: Custom Add Fields | Kirby CMS

Then do not redirect to page but stay in parent.

I actually implemented this one now, it’s awesome! The only “bad” point now is that for updating the text, you still need to open the subpage, save and go back again. But the adding of new ones is perfect like that, yes!

Another additional thing you could do is let users add new ideas from a subpage, by putting a pages section into the subpage as well.