.gitignore: Does it take care of the .license file?


I’m asking this in the forum because I’m not sure (and most likely I miss something): Does the .gitignore file which prevents upload of sensible files to a public git repository don’t care about the .license file, like it is missing/not matched by the other rules in the file? If I’m right, it should be added.

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# System files
# ------------


# Temporary files
# ---------------


# -------------SECURITY-------------
# NEVER publish these files via Git!
# -------------SECURITY-------------

# Cache Files
# ---------------


# Accounts
# ---------------


# Sessions
# ---------------


# License
# ---------------

Ah, I found the problem: I was looking at the wrong .gitignore file; I checked the .gitignore of the subfolder of kirby. Not in the root. That’s why I found nothing in the repository search when I searched for your paste!


It’s the same in the Plainkit, just in case anyone wonders.