Github pull via webhook

Hi everyone

This is not direct kirby-related but I guess I could find answers here since that is a common workflow…

I would like to pull the changes made in the Kirby panel (by a user e.g.) directly via git into my local repository. My Github repository is linked to my server via webhook. Now, if I go with the regular git pull command, I just get the current Github repository status and not the changes made on the server itself (Kirby content folder).

How could I pull directly from the server into my local depository?

Thanks, Felix

You mean, somebody is editing a page and you do a git pull and you want to receive that edited page?

In order to be able to do so, you must commit those changes to the repo. So whenever someone modifies a page in the panel you have to make a git commit/push from the server to github. I think you should have a look at this plugin:

Thanks for your reply and the hint for the plugin, I will look into that. Looks like this is exactly what I need :star: