Git-commit-and-push-content on live server

I’m doing my first steps with the git-commit-and-push-content plugin. On my local dev environment it works really great and every change gets pushed.
But as soon as I upload it on my live server, nothing happens. When I push the content in the panel widget the message is:
successfully pushed the content folder
but nothing is pushed to my github repository.
When pulling it, it says:
error: cannot run fetch: No such file or directory
I can ssh my server and there git works just fine. I can see the changes, commit and push them. I had some time finding the right path for my git.
Now with php c::set('gcapc-gitBin','~/usr/bin/git'); the panel widget doesn’t output the error git could not be found or is not working properly. /usr/bin/git

Is there something I’m missing, or how can I get this to work?

Thanks for every hint or help.

I also tried the plugin “autogit”. But I get the error mentioned in this thread:

It seems that also the path to my git is not correct, but as I’ve seen in autogit there is no way the change the path?

Hi @Pascalmh
I beg to add you to this thread. Maybe you can help me?
Thanks in advanced.