Get the layout. cards to work

Here is my blueprint:

title: Unterwegs

    label: Unterwegs
    type: structure
        label: Bilder
        type: files
        layout: cards

Why is the panel still showing the list layout?

where does it show the list layout? Could you provide a screenshot?

in the backend (panel)

What you see there is the structure field preview, it doesn’t take into account your field settings. If you only use a single field inside the structure, why do you use a structure field at all?

I am using a structure field to allow the editor to add images as they choose. My understanding which granted is very limited at present, was that a structure field allows this method.

If you simply use a files field it will serve the same purpose. IMO, a structure field doesn’t make sense if the structure only has this single field.

ok, thanks.
I will edit the blueprint and remove the structure field.

ok, all seems to work as wished - Thank you @texnixe