Get "dirty" values from change fields in panel via Vue

In the panel, when a field has unsaved changes (you can see this when “revert”/“save” with the orange UI appears), is there a way to read this updated value via vue somehow?

Especially in the case when you re-visit a page with those changes? I’m working on a plugin that generates a preview based on other fields.

I’ve tried with this.$store.getters["content/values"]()['myField'] within the created() or mounted() vue lifecycle hooks but it’s always returned as undefined.

FWIW, that same getter works for sniffing changes to that same field. But I’ld need it before.

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Ping @distantnative

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Should work, so maybe that’s a bug.

Can you try this.$store.getters["content/changes"]()['myField']?

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this seems to work @distantnative . Thank you :pray: