Get content from multiple folders

I try to get all articles in my different category folders from my news-page.

My folder structure looks like this :


I’ve tried to get the news folder and then the category folder and the child-folders

$news = $site->find('news');
$category = $news->find('category')->children()->listed()->flip();

…but without luck.

Your using Kirby 3 but Please set the correct topic on the thread. I’m not sure how you have ended up with leading zeros either, did you create those manually? The numbering starts from 1 usually. Maybe thats the issue.

Sounds like you basically want the tree menu … see here

I’ve created those manually for alphabetical sorting.

You could do var_dump($category) to see what’s in it.

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Thanks that helped.

I’ve came up with a simpler solutions.

# collections/news.php
return function ($site) {
   return $site->index()->filterBy('template', 'article');

It seems that you can get all pages using the same template wich makes it much easier to access the same kind of pages stored in different folders.