SOLVED - Get pages from different kind of templates

Hi everybody!

Is there a way to get all the pages from 2 different categories or sections? Something like that?

<?php foreach(page('projects')->children()->visible() as $project || page('blog')->children()->visible() as $news): ?>

I want to show in a page all the projects resume and some news between them.

Is it posible?

Thank you very much!

Quick shot - not tested, but it’s in the docs (


I think that should give you all of them combined.

UPDATE: and to sort them e.g. after a date field or so use ->sortBy()


How are you wanting to arrange them?

For example, if you want one project followed by two news items:

$news = page('blog')->children()->visible()->first();
foreach(page('projects')->children()->visible() as $project) :
    <div class="project">
        <h1><?php echo $project->title() ?></h1>
        // Other project stuff
    <?php if($news) : ?>
        <div class="news">
            // News stuff
    <?php endif; ?>
            $news = $news->nextVisible();
            $news = null;
<?php endforeach; ?>
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find() returns a $pages collection and $pages->children() returns “a $pages collection with all children of each page in the collection.” (to quote the cheatsheet) - so I think this will work, and could be the most elegant solution!

Very interesting! I’m going to try it!

Thank you very much :))))

In a happy world they should arrange by date, but that can be a second iteration :slight_smile:

Anyway is nice approach too! I will try it to see how it works.

Thank you very much!

You can simply add ->sortBy('date')->flip() to order them by date

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